Preparing for a move is a major undertaking.

Whether your move is across town or across the country, it will be filled with many questions. Pre-planning is the key to an easier move. Whether you’re moving to Chicago, or a suburb outside of the city, there should be a checklist that you can reference to help make your move a little easier and a lot less stressful! That is why we have created a list to help our clients better prepare for moving day; it is always our goal to provide a stress-free moving experience for each move!

This list was made to help you get a jump start on your big move!

What are you going to take?

Well before the move day, you should have a plan on the times you’re going to take, and which ones are going to be sold, or left behind. Go into each room, take a look at all of your possessions, take notes on which items will join you in your new home, which are being sold, and which are going to be donated to charities or friends.

Do you have packing supplies?

Make sure you order your packing supplies; you want to have enough sturdy boxes to hold your possessions, tape, and bubble wrap; you also want to make sure that you have boxes of all sizes!

Begin to pack!

I know you still have a month, but if you pack up a few items every now and then, you’ll find packing a lot easier; you don’t want to save packing for the night before, nothing is worse than stress packing!

Create a moving file.

This file should contain any important file or document that you will need in your new location; these documents can be anything from birth certificates, contracts, receipts, rental agreement, insurance information, etc.

Register your new address!

Before you move, make sure you register your new address with the post office, this can be done online, that way you can skip the long lines! Then, make a list of names you should share this new address with; friends, family, banks, employer, credit card companies, newspaper & magazine subscriptions, etc.

Being prepared for a month well in advance, will help pave the way for a successful, and stress-free move; that and having a reliable and experienced moving company helping you every step of the way! Piece by Piece Movers is experienced, and we always strive to provide a stress-free move for all of our clients! For more information, please give us a call at (800) 322-2718!